Planning for Sustainable Land Use and Transport sessions announced!

The PSLUT stream provides a home for issues at the leading edge of policy development at the interface between land use and transport planning. Its focus is on sustainable solutions to land use and transport problems and how to measure and evaluate their effectiveness and impacts.

Join us for this year's programme at ETC 2019 which includes:

- Interaction between land use and transport: transit oriented development, places and nodes, land use policies

- Cycling: marketing, cycling programmes, infrastructure, investments.

- Alternative views on transport planning issues such as alternative problem assessments, resilience oriented policy making, different approaches

- Travel behaviour e.g. commuting behaviour, promoting sustainable mobility, low cost schemes Inclusion issues: children and elderly, transport poverty, time poverty

- Spatial aspects of autonomous vehicles including impact on cities, interaction with polycentric development, urban social sustainability, road network design

- Dealing with uncertainty in vision making and planning processes

- The science of evidence-based decision making in government (discussion session)

- More information can be found on the AET website

Full booking options released

Booking opened last week for 1, 2 and 3-day places at the ETC Conference 2019! In addition, Rover tickets can be booked for 3 days allowing different delegates from your organisation to visit the conference on each of the 3 days. Discounted places are available for AET members, young professionals, ECTRI members, full-time students and organisations from new member states of the EU (joined in 2004, 2007 and 2013). More information and the Conference Brochure is available on the AET website.

Don't forget to #etcdublin2019 @EuTransportConf


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