Why should you choose a course with Training for Transportation Professionals (tftp)

Our mission  


Our mission is to keep professionals informed, creative and innovative within the transport planning industry.  We do this by delivering high quality, relevant and forward thinking transport planning courses, events, papers and resources. ​


Our experience  


All of our training course and event material is developed by working closely with industry leaders in commercial, government and educational roles. Our well established partnerships with these key transportation professionals means that we have a broad range of skills and expertise at our disposal, such as: Transport planning and policy, Traffic engineering, Highway design, Urban street design, Public transport, Road safety, Data collection and surveys and Highway maintenance. ​

High calibre lecturers  


We always use the best, most experienced and up-to-date lecturers and tutors in the UK. Drawing on lecturers from the public sector, private sector and academia - we make sure that we cover all angles of the transportation industry and that our topics, content and courses are on point. ​


Tailored to you


Choose from our pre-determined schedule of courses or provide us with your requirements and we will create a bespoke transport training programme for you.  Our team can arrange onsite or offsite training and will handle the arrangements. We also suggest joining another company and benefitting from sharing the cost between you.

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