ETC 2021: 13 - 15 Sept SYSTEMS DYNAMICS Transport systems, whether they be infrastructural, economic, technical, political, or sociological, are complex and constantly changing. As such, System Dynamics (SD) modelling, as a method for capturing behaviours and understanding of changes in complex systems over time, including feedbacks and lagged response, is being increasingly adopted in transport research and planning. SD combines both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, offering many advantages compared to traditional transport modelling. Grounded in systems theory, Causal Loop Diagrams are developed that demonstrate links and logical behaviours between variables within a system, that can be self-reinforcing or balancing. SD is particularly well suited to policy analysis, and as a support tool for decision making, as models can be co-created with stakeholders. And, once the model is set up, many scenarios can be easily and quickly compared. Join us at #etc2021online for special sessions where this type of modelling has been applied within transport, to provide insight on the opportunities it may offer to all types of transport projects and research - whether you have experience in SD or require an introduction to it. Supported by the System Dynamics Society Special Interest Group in Transportation.


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Spaces are selling out fast for the #etc2021online exhibition so don’t miss out on your opportunity to promote your organisation to a captive ETC audience. Email to discuss the options available. Our thanks go to this year's sponsors and exhibitors for supporting the conference:


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