ETC 2021: Global trends impacting transport (GTiT)

ETC 2021: 13 - 15 Sept Global trends impacting transport This year’s ETC Global trends impacting transport (GTiT) programme committee has set a special focus to COVID-19 with five dedicated sessions over three days. Day 1 - Focussing on impacts, insights and referencing the relevant city cases You can expect informative papers and fruitful discussions indicating what policy and research impacts, challenges and endeavours are underway; what lessons we have learned from transport system disruptions that we are still experiencing. Day 2 - Covering COVID-19 short and long-term solutions to be implemented in observed situations in transport, not only in Europe but worldwide Featuring a joint session with the Planning for Sustainable Land Use and Transport (PSLUT) committee, dealing with active travel options from differing viewpoints to instigate discussion and sharing of transport expertise. More than ever, active travel options are becoming indispensable to stay sane and safe in adhering to the global 'social distancing' trend. Day 3 - Discussions encompassing authentically global trends of transport decarbonisation and renewable transport fuels We expect to demonstrate the investment issues and priorities but also to study, discuss and even challenge current pathways and initiatives. A gender and inclusion session will address issues in transport, concerning vulnerable transport user groups, aimed at highlighting the challenges and strengthening their role in all transport modes. Now, more than ever, the need for networking, socialising, exchanging new ideas and evoking old (but not outdated) concepts, discussing and challenging local and global trends and policies is vital for transport professionals to survive and affirm their role, stimulate out-of-the-box thinking and attract newcomers with fresh views and future solutions to today’s problems.

Many thanks to VECTIO for sponsoring the GTiT sessions at #etc2021online. Please join us online, 13-15 September. Booking details and full programme information:

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Bookings are available for 1, 2 and 3-day places at ETC Online. To book your place, please visit our website: Discounted places are available for attendees from new EU Member States (joined since 2004) and for young professionals under the age of 26 or with less than 5 years’ professional experience. Full time students also receive a generous discount.


Covid-19 Conversations

The European Transport Conference has been the annual activity of the Association for European Transport since its creation. It now also offers a monthly webinar as part of its Covid-19 Conversations. Find further details of past webinars and the future programme on our website.

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