ETC 2019 Local Public Transport Sessions Announced

ETC 2019 Local Public Transport Sessions Announced

The Local Public Transport committee’s programme is concerned with the whole range of the subject. This year’s programme features sessions and papers on:

  • Autonomous vehicles: The important question being, "Will public transport be relevant in a self-driving future?"

  • The role of transport hubs: Interchange within and between modes, at both the theoretical and the practical level.

  • Planning for passengers' journeys: As viewed from both the passengers' and the operators' perspectives, plus the role that technology can have.

  • Planning on the big scale: Looking at issues strategically and in the long-term.

  • Cable cars: Covering practical experiences of how these can tackle specific problems.

The LPT programme always includes technical visits to local operations as there is always much to be learned from others’ experiences. This year, on the Tuesday (08 Oct) before the Conference, we are offering a one-day excursion to Belfast to see their Glider high-quality bus rapid transit system, and a visit on the Friday afternoon (11 Oct) to the new depot of Go-Ahead Ireland with a presentation from MD Ed Wills.

Please join us at ETC 2019 @EuTransportConf #etcdublin2019

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