AET Covid-19 Webinar: Shaping the Green Recovery from Covid-19

Shaping the Green Recovery from Covid-19 – Previewing the 2021 European Transport Conference

Thursday 3 June 2021 11.00 - 12.00 CEST (10.00 - 11.00 BST/WEST)

A panel of AET committee chairs will share their thoughts on how the programme of the 2021 European Transport Conference has been put together. The committee chairs selected papers under several key themes and the panellists will discuss the state of the art on shaping a green recovery. The committee chairs are uniquely placed, having reviewed all of the abstracts for the forthcoming conference, to provide an overview of what we know, what we don’t know, and how current research and analysis is closing the gap. To discuss the coverage of the ETC 2021 conference agenda the panel will include:

  • Danielle Snellen, PBL, NL – Chair of the Planning for Sustainable Land Use and Transport Committee. Danielle will moderate the discussion by the panel.

  • Gav Jackman, Aimsun, ES and UK – Chair of the Intelligent Mobility - Management and Operations Committee

  • Gillian Harrison, ITS Leeds, UK – Chair of the System Dynamics Committee

  • Andre Goncalves, Sweco, UK – Chair of the Young Researchers' and Practitioners' Forum

The webinar will be chaired by Derek Halden from the AET COVID-19 Working Group. For further details, please go to the Covid-19 Conversations page on the AET website and follow the link to register for the webinar.

Register here

Association for European Transport

The Association for European Transport is responsible for the organisation of the European Transport Conference, which has been held annually since 1973. It is the Association's aim to promote and maintain a pan-European understanding of transport issues along with its members who form a network of transport professionals across Europe.

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