What impact will driverless cars have on our town centre parking strategies?

driverless vehicles will impact town centre parking... are you ready?

The transport system that will arise from the use of autonomous vehicles or shared autonomous vehicles remains unclear. While many may depict a driverless vision in twenty years’ time without car parking and frequent, low cost and available personal transport at every juncture, the role of public policy and the order of events is likely to have far more importance in determining that end-state than so far recognised. How we travel, what we own and what we choose to do will not simply be a function of the latest technology provided and so a declaration of the demise of the city centre car park may be premature. The role of governance, control and progressive steps in user behaviour may take people somewhere quite different to the expected end state. While the charge of parking outside the city centre may be lower than that currently offered, and many may consider this one of the great savings of owning an AV, the increased parking density and thus lower prices that will already have been achieved for AVs in the city centre multi-storey city car parks, long before AVs are running freely on public roads; the real terms increase in the value of people’s time and consequent increased intolerance to having to wait for a vehicle to come from remote parking through congestion created by the empty mileage from all the other AVs will mean that it seems that this will not necessarily be a desirable outcome for users, nor one that any government would wish to allow. Join me, Andrew Potter, on my up coming training course to delve into this plus many more parking related challenges. During my Town Centre Parking Strategies training course - we will work through the needs of the users of the future city centre and for each look at the trends placing demands on space in the town centres and contributing to their continuing success. Through a combination of learning sessions and games designed to explore what we really value as users of a city or town, the day will progressively consider different issues and work up a cohesive parking strategy suitable for our own model town. Find out more and book the courses!

  • Just £299 for one day

  • Small group, intimate and focused

  • High value training, interactive and gamification techniques

  • Industry experts working in the field with real life examples

  • Actionable results, take it directly back into your work

We do not currently have a date set, if this course is of interest to you please contact us.

About Andrew Andrew Potter has been providing transportation consultancy support for over 25 years in the UK and abroad. He provides guidance and analysis for town centre regeneration, support and assurance on parking demand, capacity and need, and strategic solutions for authorities who are in the process of transformation. He recently presented at Parking World in London and is also presenting in the US in January. Join Andrew and the other delegates to immerse yourself in this topic using a mix of real life case studies and gamification techniques.

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