Does the availability of parking impact our choice in where to go for dinner?

parking strategies for the future! does parking effect a consumer choice in where to go for dinner?

Finally it’s happened to me. We are going out on a hot date and I am to decide where we go and plan the evening. I could go to the new bar and restaurant in town that has tables on the balcony that overlook the harbour; the basement restaurant with the tango dancing, smoky candles in bottles, exquisite wines and tables in alcoves. Or I could try the revolving restaurant on the top floor of the tower with low lighting, modern music and stylish dishes.

But you know what?

I can’t park my car outside any of those. So I’ve decided we shall go to the Pizza Hut on the retail park. We can park right outside. And it’s free.

Really how important is parking for the decisions we make about where we go shopping, where we work and what we do? And how much more or less important will it be in the future as we buy commodities from the internet and seek food, drink, leisure time, services and entertainment from the town centre? Will popping to the shops be something that is the preserve of the local arcade or parade, the retail park and the petrol station while the real time and money will be spent where the whole environment has been geared to providing a good experience?

If this trend appears inevitable and already visible, what then should we be doing to the parking in our town centres to help this transition?

Join me, Andrew Potter, and we will scope out your future parking strategies in one day...

During my training course we will use 'game playing' to recreate the types of daily challenges we have to address. What we need to do to maximise personal benefits and get pleasure for us and our guests. We will explore what our choices tell us about the destinations we want rather than those we sometimes may have. We will explore the world around us and at what academics are saying about parking and our relationship with the city.

As we look at these issues, we will progressively develop our own parking strategy suitable for our own model town.​

Find out more and book the courses!

  • Just £299 for one day

  • Small group, intimate and focused

  • High value training, interactive and gamification techniques

  • Industry experts working in the field with real life examples

  • Actionable results, take it directly back into your work

We do not currently have a date set, if this course is of interest to you please contact us.

About Andrew

Andrew Potter has been providing transportation consultancy support for over 25 years in the UK and abroad. He provides guidance and analysis for town centre regeneration, support and assurance on parking demand, capacity and need, and strategic solutions for authorities who are in the process of transformation. He recently presented at Parking World in London and is also presenting in the US in January. Join Andrew and the other delegates to immerse yourself in this topic using a mix of real life case studies and gamification techniques.

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