Will reducing town centre parking 'kill' or 'revive' our struggling high streets?

parking strategies for the future! to keep or take out parking from town centres

No longer does Tracey Chapman and the many she described dream of finding work, getting promotion and buying a bigger house to live in the suburbs. The reversal of the fortunes of the city centre and the transition zone around it is becoming one of the staggering social and urban changes of the last, and perhaps next, forty years. People want good quality homes and quality places to live in the city centre.

To deliver more homes that are affordable in the city, we will need land. Land that may already be in use as car parks. Quality places to spend time, good urban realm and enjoying clean air quality means carefully and strategically reconsidering how we use what we allow into our city centre spaces.

Reducing access to, and land consumed by, motor traffic is a key solution to improving air quality, providing the types of affordable living space that people seek, and methods of high volume access to it.

Is it time to change car parks back into parks, reclaim urban spaces for pedestrian use and build more high density housing?

Will the reduction of car parking facilities be the death of the High Street?

Or will it be its renaissance?

Join me, Andrew Potter, and spend a day exploring and learning about these issues and a range of strategies being adopted to shape modern towns in the light of emerging trends. During my training course - 22 February 2018 in London - we will consider the conflicts and choices, reflect on what others from around the world are doing, and engage in our own “what if” game-playing to develop a parking strategy for our model town over the course of the day.

As we look at these issues, we will progressively develop our own parking strategy suitable for our own model town.​

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  • Industry experts working in the field with real life examples

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town centre parking strategies training course, London 2018

About Andrew

Andrew Potter has been providing transportation consultancy support for over 25 years in the UK and abroad. He provides guidance and analysis for town centre regeneration, support and assurance on parking demand, capacity and need, and strategic solutions for authorities who are in the process of transformation. He recently presented at Parking World in London and is also presenting in the US in January. Join Andrew and the other delegates to immerse yourself in this topic using a mix of real life case studies and gamification techniques.

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