The Local Public Transport programme at ETC 2017

Local public transport programme announced for this years' ETC 2017

The Local Public Transport committee’s programme is concerned with both urban and rural transport. This year’s programme features sessions on:

  • Governance – how do we organise the provision of local public transport?

  • Networks – where do routes and services need to go, how often, and how do we judge what represents good value for money?

  • Fares, Ticketing and Customers – are we offering the right sort of ticketing product? And does any subsidy that is involved accurately target the needs of the customers?

The LPT programme always includes technical visits to the local operations – there is always much to be learned from others’ experiences.

This year we will be visiting some of Barcelona’s well-organised local interchanges, and their Metro lines 9 and 10. These visits will be particularly well-informed by a session on ‘Innovation in Barcelona’.

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What to Expect From the Most Established Transport Conference in Europe:

  • 3 days of in-depth presentations on policy issues, best practice and research findings across the broad spectrum of transport

  • 8 to 10 parallel sessions each day

  • Presentations on topics and projects in any stage of research, planning or implementation

  • Keynotes from significant names in world transport

  • A full social programme for further networking opportunities

  • Technical visits based on examples of good practice in Barcelona

  • Over 240 presentations plus debates, plenaries and workshop sessions

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