European Transport Conference 2022: Rail Policy and Planning Programme announced

ETC 2022: 7-9 September

Rail Policy and Planning Programme Committee

The Rail Policy and Planning Programme Committee seeks to encourage debate on the planning, operation and economics of heavy rail passenger transport overall but also with respect to emerging challenges such as COVID 19, climate change or incidents affecting security and safety. Some people attending the 2022 conference in Milan may experience rail to get there. Many more travellers rely on rail (once again) as an indispensable means of transport for many purposes, despite Covid and other challenges. At ETC 2022, the Rail Planning and Policy sessions include:

  • Looking ahead at strategies for all stakeholders in the rail market taking into account the demand side, the financial situation and the political framework.

  • Rail demand will be considered viewed from both from an international and a behavioural perspective. Wellbeing and safety are keywords as well as changes in the composition and profile of passenger demand.

  • Rail infrastructure and its cross-regional connectivity is another issue as we look at the recent plans for intra-UK connectivity, including between the mainland of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

  • Competitiveness within the rail system, but also with other modes such as air, will also be addressed at this year’s ETC in Milan…a key rail node in Italy, not only with important regional and freight networks but also the starting point for different long-distance trains operating in direct competition.

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