ETC 2021: Neil Mansfield Award Winner

ETC 2021: NEIL MANSFIELD AWARD The Young Researchers' and Practitioners' Forum (YRPF) is thrilled to announce the winner of the Neil Mansfield Award. The award is given in the name of Neil Mansfield, a brilliant young researcher in the UK Department of Transport, who died at a young age. The prize is awarded for the best paper written by an author under the age of 35.

Congratulations go to... This year we say huge congratulations to Federico Messa, Transform Transport, Systematica, Milan, supervised by Diego Deponte, also of Systematica for the paper:

Free-flow carsharing systems in a spatio-temporal urban ecosystem: an urban informatics approach.

Federico Messa joined Systematica in 2016. He has been an Architect since 2021 and active as a transport consultant on a diverse set of projects, ranging from territorial studies to masterplans and complex buildings mobility strategies. He is also involved in architecture and mobility research studies, mainly related to urban dynamics, mobility data analysis and visualisation, project performance analysis and spatial analysis. Diego Deponte is Partner, Managing Director and Member of the BoD of Systematica Srl, a Transport Planning and Mobility Engineering consultancy established in 1989 with its main office in Milan and subsidiary offices in Beirut, Mumbai, and New York. With an MSc in Civil Engineering (Specialisation in Transport Planning and Infrastructure Design) at the Politecnico di Milano (Italy), he has worked for almost 20 years in the transport planning industry, gaining considerable experience in all-round transport and mobility planning and design. as well as territorial/urban planning at an international level. Well done to Federico and Diego!

To find out more about ETC and how you could become a winner of this prestigious award, please go to for further information.

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