AET Covid-19 Webinar: Diversity, Inclusion & Mobility -before, during and after COVID19

Diversity, Inclusion & Mobility - before, during and after COVID19

Thursday 6 May 2021 11.00 - 12.00 CEST (10.00 - 11.00 BST/WEST)

The tenth webinar in the AET COVID-19 Conversations Series will be held on Thursday 6th May between 11.00 – 12.00 CEST (10.00 – 11.00 BST/WEST). This webinar will be hosted with the support of the ETC Programme Committee for Young Researchers and Practitioners Forum.

This webinar discusses the impacts before, during and after COVID19 on Diversity, Inclusion and Mobility. There will be two presentations followed by a moderated question and answer session:

  • Re-Imagining transport through a gender lens: A lifecycle approach to inclusive transport appraisal

  • COVID19 impacts on mobility of vulnerable social population: State-of-the-art and future needs.

Speakers for this webinar include:

  • Katie Pearce is a Transport Planner, sitting in the Strategy and Policy team with Jacobs UK.

  • Dr. Nima Dadashzadeh is a researcher and teaching assistant at Traffic Technical Institute, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The webinar will be chaired by Conall Mac Aongusa Chair of the AET Covid19 Conversations Initiative. The presentations and discussion will be moderated by Andre Goncalves, Coordinator of the YRPF Committee, Team Manager of the London Transport Modelling team at Sweco and a member of AET.

For further details, please click on the link to the AET website and follow the link to register for the webinar:

Register here

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