MaaS: A Further Year in... ETC 2018 Special Stream Announced

MaaS: A Further Year in... ETC 2018 Special Stream Announced

Special Stream Announced - MaaS: A Further Year in...

The Intelligent Mobility, Management and Operations (IMMO) and Global Trends impacting Transport (GTiT) committees provide a home for research and practitioners dealing with issues at the leading edge of Intelligent Mobility and Global Trends.

MaaS, or Mobility as a Service, has the potential to play an increasing role in dealing with everyday mobility and the consequences it has on accessibility, safety and liveability.

With MaaS cutting across several of our programme committees, for the second year running we are pleased to announce we are dedicating a whole stream to this emerging subject that will span a whole day of the conference.

Join us for this year's programme at ETC 2018 which includes:

  • MaaS in Dublin: challenges and opportunities

  • Motion Hub, the implementation of an integrated end‐to‐end journey planner

  • Mobility for liveable cities: investigating the determinants of commuters' choices

What to expect from the most established transport conference in Europe...

The conference attracts transport practitioners and researchers from all over Europe providing access to in-depth presentations on policy issues, best practice and research findings across the broad spectrum of transport.ETC is a mix of plenary sessions, debates and workshop sessions. Each day, there will be a minimum of 9 concurrent streams, in sessions of 1.5 or 2 hours.

Each session comprises between three and four papers presented in a themed seminar. The chair of each session ensures that there is ample time for discussion of papers and questions.

This year, feature sessions include:

  • Global Trends Impacting Transport (GTiT)

  • New Mobility patterns, Digitisation and Mobility as a Service

  • Automated Driving and Connected Vehicles/InfrastructureMobility for Liveable Cities, including Urban Mobility, air quality, health and active travel

  • TEN-T extension to the Balkans and the further east, the new silk road

  • Air Transport and Travel

  • The Wider Economic Benefits of Transport Investment Decision making under uncertainty – the perils of ignorance and a means of effective response

  • Young Researchers’ and Practitioners’ Forum (YRPF)

  • Technical visits, social events and tours are also offered throughout the duration of the Conference, providing excellent opportunities to broaden your international network.

There is still time, so book now!

Book your ETC place here or email for more information.

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