Transport Modelling Training course wins hearts of Sheffield City Council

We’re delighted to report that our most recent Transport Modelling training course for Non-Modellers, has been extremely well received by delegates in Sheffield.

Taking place in February 2019, the course was designed as a collaboration between tftp and Sheffield City Council, giving attendees a comprehensive introduction to transport modelling whilst addressing their specific strategic transport planning needs.

Hosted in Sheffield’s historic Town Hall, 24 delegates from Sheffield City Council, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council and the South Yorkshire Local Transport Plan Partnership joined together to gain a wider understanding of Transport Modelling and its important role in the development of their communities.

Paul Sullivan, Senior Transport Planner from Sheffield City Council commented:

“What started out as a personal development exercise for myself resulted in a wider initiative – which led to the course having over 20 delegates from across South Yorkshire. Which highlighted the need for this knowledge.
My need was to understand the basics of transport modelling, the whys and wherefores, and this particular course covered my needs. I left the course with a definite basic understanding of why we model, more specifically, I think what most of us took from the course was how scary autonomy will be and how close it is to happening on a mass scale.
Overall, tftp’s course met our expectations in terms of course content and quality and it was great that they could bring the course to Sheffield for us. It was great value for money and excellently organised.”

Delivered by tftp’s team of expert transport practitioners, delegates learned about everything from the role of transport modelling and project management to the four-stage model and the latest techniques in data handling and planning for the future.

Learning from each subject area was cemented with a lively panel discussion in which lecturers summarised the key take outs from their sessions and invited questions on the themes arising. As always this was a highlight of the day and gave rise to some interesting debates.

Now in its sixth year, the UK’s leading Transport Modelling for Non-Transport Modellers course has already enjoyed commendation from multiple Local Authorities from the London, Manchester and Birmingham areas.

Luis Willumsen, Director of Willumsen Advisory Services and lead tftp speaker commented

“I found that working with local authorities in this way generated more in-depth and practical questions to speakers, encouraging us to explain some difficult concepts without equations; not an easy but certainly refreshing task.”

Looking for a tailored Transport Modelling course for your organisation?

At tftp, we care about transport professionals as much as the communities they serve. If you, like Manchester and Sheffield, have a need to bring your teams up-to-speed with the latest Transport Modelling techniques and developments, then please contact us to discuss your needs.

More about the course

Who is the course for? Typical delegates include non-modellers aspiring to TPP, modelling project managers seeking to maximise resources and outcomes, and anyone involved in the strategic development of a transport model or plan. The course can also benefit experienced transports modellers looking to refresh their knowledge and bring themselves right up to date with the latest industry developments and techniques.

Our passionate lecturers are drawn from a mix of consultancies, academia, central government and local authorities (including Highways England, Transport for London, The Transportation Consultancy and many more). Together they deliver an unrivalled overview of the modelling process from multiple industry perspectives.

Find out more and book tftps' Managing Transport Modelling - for non-modellers Training course.

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