AET Transport and Mobility Forum: Webinar 06 January 2022

Webinar: Thursday 6 January 2022 11.00 - 12.00 CET (10.00 - 11.00 GMT/WET)

Did COP26 Mainstream the Implementation of Sustainable Transport?

The 26th United Nations Conference of Parties for Sustainable development was held in Glasgow in November 2021. It was hailed as a last chance summit for progress on sustainability. Emissions associated with transport continue to be one of the greatest areas of concern so what can we now expect as a result of COP26? The headline agreements from COP26 talk about collaboration and cooperation agreements, enhanced transparency on reporting, and making zero-emission vehicles the new normal. What will these mean in practice? To start the AET webinar series in 2022, we will be considering this topic broadly by looking at what is technically achievable, politically achievable and likely to be achieved. To offer this range of perspectives, we have arranged for experts to talk informally about their hopes and expectations for 2022. We have a professional at the front line of managing the changes in a large city authority, an academic setting out options and possibilities, and a politician seeking to optimise the art of the achievable (invited, name to be confirmed).

  • Deborah Paton – Glasgow City Council – Deborah is Group Manager for Connectivity at the Council developing the sustainable approaches for the city in which COP26 was held.

  • Carey Curtis – Professor of Sustainable Transport Melbourne and Curtin Universities Australia – In 2020 Carey Curtis edited the International Handbook of Sustainable Transport.

The webinar is organised as the third event of the AET Transport and Mobility Forum (previously the AET Covid-19 conversations) and will be chaired by Derek Halden, from the AET Transport and Mobility Forum.

For further details, please go to the AET Transport and Mobility Forum page and follow the link to register for the webinar.

Register here

AET Transport and Mobility Forum

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