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Decision making under uncertainty, session announced at ETC 2018

Decision making under uncertainty - the perils of ignorance and a means of effective response

Taking place on Thursday 11 October, this seminar is collaboratively organised by Transport Scotland; University of the West of England (UWE Bristol); the Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation; PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency; Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water/Rijkswaterstaat; and UK Department for Transport.

The purpose is to share and capture views and experiences regarding both the handling of uncertainty in transport planning and policymaking, plus the engagement and buy-in of decision makers. The event is prompted by insights from the UK and Netherlands and is seeking input from across countries represented at the conference.

Join us in Dublin for an interactive debate exploring the current state of play from different stakeholder perspectives, and gauging the perils of ignorance if uncertainty is not handled appropriately in decision making. The session will end by discussing where we need to be, along with the improvements required to assist decision making under uncertainty.

There is still time, so book now!

Book your ETC place here or email sabrina@tftp-training.co.uk for more information.

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